4 Creative And Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

Credit: DforDesign


Wrapping gifts in fabric is common use in Japanese culture. In fact, Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) is commonly used to wrap lunch-on-the-go and other everyday objects.

  • Old clothes (whose fabric is still in good condition)
  • Scarves, fabric napkins
  • Table cloths for bigger gifts
  • Pillowcases
Credit: DforDesign


Putting presents inside a box or a jar is another zero-waste wrapping method. A little bow and the gift is ready to be given.
To go one step further, you can choose a container that matches the colour scheme of the receiver’s home. I would really appreciate this extra detail!

  • Cookie/coffee jars
  • Jewellery boxes
  • Pouches
  • Storage boxes
Credit: DforDesign


Who doesn’t have paper lying around? That can become wrapping paper too!
Here, I have started with some standard white paper and wrapped my gift as an envelope. Then, I’ve tied it with a fabric black string and added some stars, that I’ve cut out of an old piece of wrapping paper I had kept from last year. And voilà!

  • Letters. I still receive tons of ads via mail and they’re often printed on one side only. Painting the written side in black could give those sheets a second life in the form of a lovely two-coloured wrapping paper!
  • Brown paper
  • Pages of magazines. Best if it’s an article (or even an ad) that could be interesting for the receiver of the gift!
  • Paper grocery bags. You can cover the logo by painting it or sticking something over it (like a huge “Merry Christmas” lettering).
Credit: DforDesign


For this idea, I’ve started with a box that used to contain a body lotion & shower gel set. I had kept the box knowing I could have done something with it…and here comes the occasion!
In this case the box looked cute already, but if it didn’t, I would have painted it or covered it with a nicer paper.
To finish this wrapping, I’ve added my black string and some cardboard shapes. I’ve tried two different alternatives and I like them both!

  • Shoe boxes
  • Appliances boxes (to repurpose only after the warranty has expired!)
  • Beautiful packaging
Credit: DforDesign
Credit: DforDesign



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